Welcome to my blog ‘More Harm Than Good’. I started this blog to break the stigma surrounding mental health, in particular self-harm and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), by finally opening up about my own mental illness. The stigma will continue as long as we stay silent about mental illness. We have to resist the fear and shame we’ve been conditioned to feel, and speak up about our experiences.


Since starting this blog it has taken a slightly different path than intended, and has become my place of sanctuary. It has become my confidant. It’s my space to explore my thoughts – about mental health, but also the ups and downs of life. I write about grief, love, friendship, and it’s my way of letting emotions out without resorting to unhealthy behaviours.


The things I write about most are BPD, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, depression and more recently transference, as this is a new issue for me, and doesn’t seem to be discussed that much, so I thought I’d open up about it to let others know they’re not alone.


I also happen to write a lot of poetry… it’s up to you to judge the quality of it. But for me the quality doesn’t matter. It’s always better to have a crappy poem than another scar, that’s my motto. It’s better to take that energy and create something with it, rather than destroy something with it. These poems vary – some will be about love, heartache and transference, others will be about depression and self-harm. I will try to warn you if there’s a post that may trigger you. And also I apologise for any use of bad language (I do warn you of this too) – I try to only use it when I’m writing from a place of anger or desperation. Sometimes I do forget these warnings if I’m in a bad state of mind when posting.


I hope you’ll appreciate this is a space to learn and discuss the struggles of living with a mental illness, especially BPD, and to realise there are many of us out there feeling just the same as you.  We’re mental health warriors, and we’re in this together.


Thanks for reading, hope you can get something out of reading my posts. Take care.